It’s a standing joke that us Brits are famous for our tea drinking and typical English garden, but it does come at a cost – Water.












If you really stop and think how much water we waste within our day-to-day life it soon mounts up so why not use it to water the gardens which will save money & water.

Tea drinking
How many of you love a nice cup of Rosie Lee (tea) or two. Do you re-boil the kettle or refresh the water? If you re-fill it what do you do with the excess water ?

Washing up.
Because of our badly designed property’s how much water do you run before you get hot water coming out of the tap?








I filled half a washing up bowl before I got hot water.

When you have washed up what do you do with the the soapy water?








Most of use have dishwasher this days where most of the messy washing up goes.

Most of the washing up we do is like plastic bottles that can’t go in the dishwasher. So I throw it on the garden.
I’ve heard it’s good at getting rid of green fly.

Water for bed.
My Wife, Daughter & myself always take water to bed. Do you drink it all?

We don’t.







I personally think we can save 14ltrs of water a day from going down the plug hole that I use on the garden.

This are some of the ways to make savings with your day-to-day life.

Another way is to install some water butts. We manage to catch nearly 400ltrs of rain water that we use.
Install them correctly & one good downpour refills them both.


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